Friday, 18 November 2011

Budapest World heritage sites

I visited Budapest in May 2011, and was mesmerised by the city and its beautiful architecture .Both the Buda and Pest have their very own distinctive style of architecture.We could see the Palace ,the Chain bridge and the Danube lit up,stunningly beautiful at night ,from our hotel room.
Buda palace at night
The walk on the banks of Danube is delightful ,with old women sitting on benches selling Hand embroidered tablecloth and runners.Walked up to the" shoes "on the banks of Danube ,then up to chain bridge ,crossed over to Buda side and had a view of the Funicular or the single compartment train which takes one up to Buda castle .Did not take it though but walked up to the palace. The castle is splendid ,and saw preparations for the horse show being arranged there. Walked onwards on the cobblestone streets to Trinity square , Mathias Church with its lovely Rococco roof which can be seen from our hotel too,then on to Fisherman's Bastion
Fisherman's Bastion
and stood there to get an absolutely magnificent view of the River and The Pest side of the city.

Pest from Buda
The next evening we walked in the opposite direction passing the statue of the little boy ,(or is it princess?) crossed the Danube at the Elizebeth Bridge(named for the most popular Queen Sisi ) to reach Gellert hill ,trekked up to the Liberation Monument and The Citadel a fortress from which we got another panoramic view of the city .
But before the walk to Gellert hill,we had had a tour of Buda in the morning ,walking down the Danube to The magnificent Parliament building and St Stephen's Cathedral . We were taken along the Andrassy Avenue to Heroes square , passing the House of Terror enroute.
Of course Budapest has more to see,the Hungarian Agriculture Museum and its statue of Anonymus,the City Park , the Szechenyi bath ,though we did not have time to go there ,The Farmers market and the long exclusive shopping promenade "Vaci Utca" .


  1. Nice article with peotic touch, "distinctive style of architecture" just made curious what saw your eyes?

    Any memoire photo?

    If have not taken yourself, just try photo sharing to embed here,

    Just a suggestion don't mind, as i said above the poetic styyle description just made me curious about the image you precieved in Budapest

  2. It was certainly remiss of me not to add photographs when I transferred this comment on Budapest to my blog.Will try and do it. I am click happy ,though the photographs are very amateurish and more often than not my husband has the proper camera and I have to settle for my 5 megapixel mobile.I just aim and shoot !


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